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Welcome to Bonar Bridge Pharmacy in Ardgay, we are here to support you at all times. We firmly believe that serving the community requires a constant commitment and professional yet compassionate attitude towards its healthcare needs. Our team aims to provide our patients and customers with comprehensive information and guidance about their health and well-being in a supportive and friendly manner.

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Your local innovative travel clinic in Bonar Bridge

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Are you about to head off on an important business trip or your gap year of travel before university? Are you getting ready for your spiritual journey to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah? Or are you jetting off on a family holiday to a more exotic country? Wherever you are going in this world, our pharmacy Travel Clinic in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay is here to keep you safe and protected along the way.

Why are travel vaccinations important?

When you travel to a more exotic country, you may be exposed to pathogens that your body does not have protection against. We call this protection “immunity”, hence the word “immunisations”. This may lead to infection and disease, for example, Hepatitis A or Yellow Fever which will, of course, lead to illness. In some cases, these illnesses can be very severe or even fatal. By having a vaccination, or multiple before you travel, you will develop protection against them. This is extremely important because some of these diseases are often life-threatening.


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How do travel vaccines work?

Travel vaccines work in very similar ways to each other and there are many different types that provide immunity against a variety of diseases. Essentially, you’re injected with a solution that mimics the invading pathogen of the disease. This will then stimulate your immune system to produce antibodies (white blood cells) that are designed to fight off the specific infection. Therefore, if you’re ever exposed to a bacteria or virus, your defence system will kill it before any harm can be done to you.

Ideally, you should get vaccinated at least 21 days (sometimes more for others such as the Rabies vaccine) before you travel to your destination. This will ensure that your body has time to produce all the antibodies needed for maximum protection.

Your Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Bonar Bridge

Our pharmacists are highly trained in their field and can administer travel vaccinations of all types as well as prescribe antimalarial medication. The team will give you thorough, up-to-date health advice and information ahead of your travels so that you are fully aware of the risks involved before you depart.

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Visit Bonar Bridge Pharmacy for a private consultation in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay!

We provide individual consultations to help patients traverse this difficult process since for many people, treatment options and medical care can be highly stressful and confusing. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand your health and medications. One of the most approachable healthcare providers that may provide a variety of services to their patients is the pharmacist. A private consultation is one of the most often offered services.

private consultation in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay

What does our private consultation in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay entail?

One of our pharmacists will talk confidentially with you about your personal health and well-being during your private session. These sessions are directed by you, the patient, and can be tailored to meet your specific healthcare needs. In general, the session focuses on presenting information relating to prescribed medicine.

Typically, a private consultation begins with a brief review of your medical history before moving on to medication-specific topics. These may include the intended use of the prescribed item, proper management of the medication, special usage instructions, proper storage, refill instructions, the maximum amount of time the product can be used, common adverse effects associated with the meds, and things to avoid.

The private consultation meetings must be conducted in accordance with all relevant laws and norms, including but not limited to those governing pharmacies, professional secrecy, and the protection of patient privacy.

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Our pharmacists are prepared and eager to offer knowledge, direction, and assistance in maintaining your health and addressing issues as a result of our holistic approach to care.

Get in touch with us today for more information about our private consultation room.

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Stop Smoking Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay!

We all understand how detrimental smoking is to our health, yet quitting can be challenging. However, Bonar Bridge Pharmacy’s Stop Smoking Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay, can help you quit. Smoking is no longer the social norm, and smoking rates are declining more quickly than ever. Nevertheless, I n the UK, over 7 million people still smoke.

Why is stopping smoking so difficult?

Even those who truly wish to stop sometimes struggle. That’s because tobacco contains highly addictive nicotine, which also causes cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, the difficulty of quitting smoking is due to the withdrawal from nicotine. Common signs of withdrawal include:

– Urge to smoke
– Weight gain
– Irritability
– Headaches
– Fatigue
– Concentration problems
– Restlessness

Stop Smoking service Bonar Bridge Ardgay

Tips to help you stop smoking:

– Get support from friends by asking them not to smoke around you.
– Instead of replacing your cigarette break with food, take a five-minute stroll to curb your cravings.
– Keep track of your progress by saving the money you would have used to buy cigarettes in a jar.
– Be optimistic; each day you go without smoking is a win.
– Although they are not a risk-free substitute, e-cigarettes may aid in quitting smoking.

How our Stop Smoking Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay can help

You can get counselling on quitting smoking from one of our pharmacists because they are certified Stop Smoking advisors. In addition, we can provide you with the right nicotine replacement therapy from the pharmacy.

Inhalators, nasal sprays, chewing gum, and nicotine replacement patches are among the anti-smoking solutions we can offer to lessen the cravings and withdrawal symptoms brought on by quitting. For a period of twelve weeks, we can create a service specifically for you to meet your needs. Many of our patients who have followed this plan have found success.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to stop smoking. Bonar Bridge Pharmacy is here to help you stop smoking for good.

Contact us to enquire about our Stop Smoking service.

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Your Trusted Pharmacy First Service

Bonar Bridge Pharmacy offers a wide range of treatments. We are a cutting-edge prescribing clinic that provides various treatments through our Pharmacy First Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay.

What can we treat at our pharmacy…

The list below provides an example of what we treat on the NHS and what’s offered as private (paid-for) treatments:

Athletes foot
– Nasal congestion/blocked nose
– Teething
– Coughs
– Earache
– Sprains and strains
– Headache
Hay fever
– Temperature and fever
– Sore throat

And more!

Some treatments can be performed through the NHS, whereas others might only be done as private procedures. But in order for you to make an informed decision, your pharmacist will go over the available treatments with us.


Minor Ailments Treatment Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay


Why come to Bonar Bridge Pharmacy for minor conditions?

You gain from the convenience of getting treatment without first visiting your GP. This indicates that making an appointment is not always necessary. And even if you do, our wait times are shorter than those at many GPs. It’s quicker and simpler to visit your local pharmacy!

Furthermore, the NHS benefits. It relieves the burden on GPs and A&E departments to have access to treatment for minor ailments through your pharmacy. Therefore, you don’t need to go to an emergency room to get paracetamol for lower back pain or cough.

Many Surgeries will now recommend visiting a pharmacy if you have a minor ailment. You may discover that going straight to a pharmacy will save you a needless trip to your doctor.

But do not fret. The clinical training of our pharmacists enables them to offer these treatments. Additionally, we are aware of when to refer you to A&E or your GP. This way, you are assured that you are receiving the needed care.

Visit Bonar Bridge Pharmacy 

If you’d rather remain discreet, there are private consultation rooms accessible at our clinic. We are a welcoming group of pharmacists committed to enhancing the health of our neighbourhood.

Contact our team to book your appointment today!

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Gifts, Medicines and Household Products in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay

At Bonar Bridge Pharmacy, we offer a range of over-the-counter medicines, toiletries, perfumes, complementary health products and cosmetics. We make sure that ours are hand-picked to provide you with the best quality at the best price. Visit our gift shop for gifts, medicines and household products in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay.

There is a variety of dispensing services that we offer to ensure that you get the medication you need. We are on hand to help you manage it effectively. This includes both private and NHS prescriptions, delivery services and electronic prescriptions. We provide a wide range of healthcare services that helps you take better care of your health. You will find that all our services are offered, keeping our patients in mind, and our friendly team members are always ready to offer useful and reliable advice whenever you need it.

Why come to Bonar Bridge Pharmacy for Gifts, Medicines and Household Products in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay?

Whether you need access to our Stop Smoking Service or some of our other services, you can come along to your local branch and we will take care of you.

We are an independent pharmacy based in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay. We are here to provide you with the friendly and caring healthcare service you deserve.

Get in touch with us today for more information!

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Get access to Our Dosette Boxes Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay

Would you like to organise your prescriptions? We offer a Dosette Boxes Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay, so don’t worry.

We’ve worked with patients for years and are familiar with their daily needs. This service ensures that you stay on track with your medications. Our pharmacists will arrange your medications according to date and time so that they are always organised, saving you time and ensuring that you take the right quantity.

What is a Dosette Boxes Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay?

All dispensing patients who take three or more different types of daily tablets are eligible for a dosette boxes service. For your convenience, your regular daily prescriptions will be packaged in weekly blister packs. As a result, it is simpler for you or your caregiver to ensure that you are taking your medications as directed. If more than one daily dose has been taken on a single day, it is simpler to identify the missed day.

Using our prescriptions delivery service, you can get your blister pack delivered.

Dosette Boxes Service in Bonar Bridge, Ardgay

What does a Weekly Blister Pack look like?

The seven days of the week are separated into each weekly blister pack along one side. The intervals of the day for taking your medicine are then listed across the top. One or more tablets, to be taken on that particular day and at that time, are contained in each “blister.”

Therefore, a weekly blister is a terrific quick visual help for determining whether you’ve taken your medications yet.

A weekly blister pack is a useful tool for keeping track of your medications. Therefore, if this service appeals to you, get in touch with Bonar Bridge Pharmacy so that we can talk about whether it will be useful to you.

Get in touch with us today to get started!

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